I Think It’s A Park

So I exit the trolley at the Washington Street stop because of the skatepark. I also notice some restaurants and coffee shop nearby and decide to have Thai for lunch. 

After lunch I bought a hot coco at the cafe on the corner and asked them if there were any cute little parks nearby (none were showing on google maps). They said sure but it was a hike up the hill a couple of blocks. 

I don't mind walking. It is great exercise, but man that is some hill! Didn't find anything there, but maybe there was something twenty yards away but I had to walk partly back down that hill, cross over a block then back up. 

I eventually find a bench made out of a couple of two by sixes supported by some cinderblocks in this grassy, flowered little spot that wasn't obviously private property. Maybe this was the park they were talking of. Maybe not. Being that elevated it had a great view of part of the airport and the bay beyond. I hung out for a little while, then headed back down the hill to the trolley and the airport.

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