Walking Back Across The Border

It was definitely an experience - crossing into and out of Mexico by foot. 

 I purposefully scheduled my flight out of San Diego later for two reasons: One, I wanted sometime to explore San Diego via the trolley and hopefully come away with some great images. The second was that I didn't know how long it would take to get to the airport from La Salina.

I was able to get an Uber to the border but it took well over an hour to get one. Wanted to take the bus back but La Salina isn't a regular stop and while they do drop off there they won't pick up?!? 

After walking across into San Ysidro, I studied the trolley map, cross referencing it to Google maps, and tried to find potentially interesting areas to photograph along the way. I bought a day pass and saw a skate park really close to one stop, so I picked that as my first place to explore. 

 This Washington Street skate park is only for skaters. No roller blades, no bmxers, no scooters, etc. Might be the1st place I've been to that restricts access like that. This post has two photographs taken with the Lumix. I also shot film with the Bronica medium format camera and will post those after they get developed, scanned and uploaded.

Black and white photograph of my baggage by the sign for the Washington Street skate park San Diego, CA.

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