Afternoon's I have been taking the Bronica GS1 medium format film camera out to shoot impromptu portraits here in the Arts District downtown Las Vegas, NV. This is something I would like to continue doing as long term project. 

The featured shot is of a very cool family visiting from L.A. They were killing time waiting for the Magic show to start and were nice enough to sit for a street portrait. I had one frame left of Cine 50 film, so it was extra important to get it right 1st try. 

I absolutely love this shot of the Love family! I also am incredibly drawn to Street Life. This gentleman was relaxing on a futon on 3rd St and is living large - despite circumstances. He, as he told me, had a great view, a nice comfortable spot and is happy. He introduced himself as Street Life as the street life is the only life he has known. I aspire to his level of not giving a damn...

Street Life Street Portrrait

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    1. Thank you Florence! That was intentional. The nice family allowed me to shot them on my last frame of cine 50 120mm film I was testing out. This is the first time I have shot this film and am really happy with the result. And I am really loving the new (to me) Bronica GS1. It also really helps that the family is so hip and cool…

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