about me

The above background image was shot downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street on well expired 35mm film with the Olympus XA compact camera.

Hey Y'all

Thank you for  taking the time to dive a little deeper and find out a little bit more about me. And how I got "here."

"Here is a gallery in the Arts Factory in the Arts District downtown Las Vegas. I feel very fortunate to be 'here.' I am surrounded by images I have captured and printed and the creative energy here in the Arts District is electric and everywhere.

I have been here in Studio125 for over two years now. And yes I did start leasing here in June 2020 - March of this year was the official start of the pandemic. Challenging enough to give up a predictable paycheck to do something on your own. Another level to do it at the beginning of the COVID Pandemic.

I am here and I have increased the depth and breadth of my photographic images and, they  are getting consistently better.

So how did I start?

It all started with a Pony 135 35mm film camera in the 70's. Images commiserate with being shot by a ten year old with almost no experience.

College, Photo I & Photo II and two special topics. After that I took my 35 out occasionally and it wasn't until about 2017 that I decided that being an artist was what I really wanted/needed to do. I had added the Lumix GX8 with Leica glass to the two 35's two years earlier. Around that same time I picked up the currently nonfunctional Yashica-Mat. I have a number of nice images captured with that beautiful camera and in will get looked at professionally eventually. I have been shooting my Bronica and more recently acquired Rolleicord - both cameras give me images that send me over the moon! And more practically they, along with the Lumix give my  the ability to print images clearly to a least 40" x 50". To state the obvious, I shoot both digital and analog (film).

I almost forgot. I take instant print pictures too. Polaroid. Fuji Instax. Concluding, I like to produce prints of pictures I take in range from pretty small to pretty large.

I have an Epson SC600 that lets me print up to 13" wide. Matched up with Epson Fine Art and Photographic papers it produces really beautiful prints.

I also get really great prints from Cashman Photo when I go bigger.  

latest news

Go to my blog for the latest postings that are (mostly) photography.

I have also started a page called from my perspective. This will contain snippits of my life to date. You can find that page here.


Link to examples of 'people.'.

LensBaby Velvet 56

I get these really great images with the LensBaby Velvet on the Lumix. Examples here.

Black and White

Link to examples of my black and white work.